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Specializing in dog
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Here at Tallahassee Dog Behavior and Training, we have years of experience stopping unwanted dog behaviors and relieving the stress of owners.  We specialize in behavioral issues from pulling on a leash, house breaking and barking to dog aggression and dog anxiety.  Our highly successful techniques are based in Dog Psychology and I have learned from the best in the world in this field, namely, Cesar Millan, star of “The Dog Whisperer” and “Cesar 911”.

Training Without:

  • Treats

  • Water bottles

  • Coin bags

  • Harsh corrections

  • Commands

Using Dog Psychology


My training is in dog psychology. The chart below illustrates the difference between dog psychology and typical dog training.

    Their Way
    • Ignores dog’s instinctual needs
    • Can create fear and confusion
    • Focuses solely on dog’s behavior, missing the underlying psychological cause of the behavior
    • Uses unnecessary tools and harshness
    • Can harm the relationship
    • Just focuses on the dog’s contribution to the problem
Dog Psychology Typical Dog Training/Obedience Training
  • Aims at meeting dog’s instinctual needs
  • Ignores dog’s instinctual needs
  • Creates a calm, balanced dog
  • Can create fear and confusion
  • Focuses on the dog’s state of mind
  • Focuses solely on dog’s behavior, missing the underlying psychological cause of the behaviour
  • Uses tools specific to your dog’s energy
  • Uses unnecessary tools and harshness
  • Builds a relationship based on trust and respect
  • Focuses solely on dog’s behavior, missing the underlying psychological cause of the behaviour
  • Focuses on both you and your dog’s contribution to the problem
  • Just focuses on the dog’s contribution to the problem
  • Can harm the relationship

Tallahassee Dog Training Services

Our services are designed to help you achieve positive results with continued support. All our treatment plans are custom tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs.  No two dogs and no two humans are exactly alike. Each has their very own needs and personalities.  Let us know how we can help.

Basic Dog Training Package


I build a plan to custom plan tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs and addressing the underlying psychological causes of the problematic behaviors. You will have my support as we practice your new skills together. You will develop more confidence as you learn to understand what your dog is telling you and effectively communicate with your dog. Both you and your dog will be learning new skills and it takes time. Once you master the new skills, the dog’s behavioral issues tend to disappear.

Premium Dog Training Package


Accelerate your dog’s learning process with this package. You get all the benefits of the Basic Dog Training package plus you get the added benefit of me working with your dog one-on-one for two full days. It takes time for you to learn your new skills. The one-on-one training with me ensures that your dog is learning correctly while you are learning. Therefore, reducing the time it takes for the behavioral issues to be resolved. Dogs with more severe behavioral issues will be required to participate in this package.

Tallahassee Puppy Training Services

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Puppy Training Package

Puppyhood spans, at a minimum, the first year of a dog’s life. It is a crucial time for a puppy to learn how to properly navigate and prosper in a world with humans. While socializing takes place throughout the first year, puppies are most receptive to socializing before the age of 13-16 weeks! My puppy training program consists of two parts: private in-home training and puppy socials.

I Treat Each Dog As if It Was My Own

A Quality Dog Trainer You Can Trust!



I have earned the trust of many local veterinarians, animal rescue groups, dog daycares, dog boarding, and pet supply stores. Most of my business comes from referrals from my clients and these dog professionals. I consider that a very high complement and am very grateful for those relationships.



I have often been contacted after other dog trainers have been tried and failed.  No dog is too much of a challenge and it is rare that a dog cannot be helped.  The question is … are you open to learning and willing to put new skills into practice?  If your answer is” yes”, then together we can make the changes your dog deserves.  Let’s get started.

Always Here for You When You Need Me

After training has completed, I am then available via phone call or additional visits, if needed, so you never feel alone!

What People Are Saying

  • Thank YOU! We are over the moon about our experience this morning! Wookie, renamed Ziva, is snoring away in her crate! Was easy to get her to go back in! She’s in there now for a couple hours and then we’ll go practice our walking skills again! You ROCK!  
    Diane Averette
  • Melissa has an amazing gift when it comes to dog training. We have two dogs that were abused strays that we brought back from Okinawa, Japan. In under an hour Melissa was able to teach these very shy dogs to run along on leashes as I rode my bike. Never would have thought that would have been a possibility. Simply amazing.  

    Exit and Bree Smith
  • We have a very lovable but strong-willed 1 year, 5 month old miniature schnauzer named Tina that developed an incessant nuisance barking problem. We contacted Melissa and we believe she correctly diagnosed the root cause of Tina’s behaviors on the first visit. We were able to fix the barking problem after 3 in-home sessions. We are happy to report that the problem barking has not returned even though it has been nearly 3 months since our last session. Our home is much happier now that Tina is on course to be a model citizen. We highly recommend Melissa!

    Gene Nelson