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Like you, I have had dogs with behavioral issues. I’ve had a dog with severe anxiety, including separation anxiety.  I’ve had two dogs with dog aggression.  And I’ve had dogs that pulled on the leash, didn’t always listen to me and jumped up on people.

Before my career in dog training, I didn’t know how to stop all those behaviors.  I took my dogs to dog obedience classes and even private dog training, but it didn’t resolve the issues.  I was stressed and afraid, with my aggressive dogs, that my dogs would attack another dog when we were out for walks.

It was during my search to help my dogs that I attended Cesar Millan’s “Training Cesar’s Way” course.  This training focused on Dog Psychology. We were taught about the dog’s instinctual needs and how we, ourselves, contribute to the dog’s problematic behaviors.  I now understood why the other dog training didn’t work.  These topics were never addressed, therefore, leaving the underlying psychological problem and my part in the problem unresolved.

Training with my dog, Bodie

Light at the end of the tunnel!

I have since completed advanced training at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in California.  I have also trained with other leaders in the field of Dog Psychology, such as Todd Langston, Cesar’s Head Trainer, and Linn Boyke who took over Cesar’s clients when Cesar started his television show.

I have been successfully helping dogs and their humans all across Tallahassee.  Call to learn how I can help you.

I Don’t Just Stop At Dog Training

In addition to my business, I help work with dogs in many other ways.  I volunteered as an Animal Therapy team with my dog Mattie in 2017.  I also donate my time to several animal rescue groups: Leon County Human Society, Cauzican Care Animal Rescue, and Crawfordville Animal Shelter.  I work with foster dogs in their programs that are displaying behavioral issues that are hindering their chances of being adopted.

Some of my most rewarding work is when I get to save a dog’s life.  I have volunteered my time to work with dogs displaying severe behavioral problems in shelters and other locations.  These dogs were going to be euthanized because of their behavior.  They are now well behaved and living happy lives in their forever homes.

I was privileged to foster and rehabilitate, Emily, a dog rescued from a S. Korean Dog Meat Market farm by Humane Society International.

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Posted by Humane Society International on Wednesday, 7 February 2018
Emily with her new family

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What People Are Saying…

  • Thank YOU! We are over the moon about our experience this morning! Wookie, renamed Ziva, is snoring away in her crate! Was easy to get her to go back in! She’s in there now for a couple hours and then we’ll go practice our walking skills again! You ROCK!  
    Diane Averette
  • Melissa has an amazing gift when it comes to dog training. We have two dogs that were abused strays that we brought back from Okinawa, Japan. In under an hour Melissa was able to teach these very shy dogs to run along on leashes as I rode my bike. Never would have thought that would have been a possibility. Simply amazing.  

    Exit and Bree Smith
  • We have a very lovable but strong-willed 1 year, 5 month old miniature schnauzer named Tina that developed an incessant nuisance barking problem. We contacted Melissa and we believe she correctly diagnosed the root cause of Tina’s behaviors on the first visit. We were able to fix the barking problem after 3 in-home sessions. We are happy to report that the problem barking has not returned even though it has been nearly 3 months since our last session. Our home is much happier now that Tina is on course to be a model citizen. We highly recommend Melissa!

    Gene Nelson