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Puppy Training Tallahassee

Private Puppy Training Tallahassee 

At a minimum, puppyhood spans the first year of a dog’s life.  It is a crucial time for a puppy to learn how to properly navigate and prosper in a world with humans.  While socializing takes place throughout the first year, puppies are most receptive to socializing before the age of 13-16 weeks!

My puppy training program consists of two parts.  The first part is a puppy training package which includes three private, in-home training sessions.  During these sessions, I focus on teaching you proper puppy raising skills, effective communication skills, proper socializing skills, leash skills and any other issues you would like to address.  After completing the first private, in-home training session, the other two sessions can be used at any time during the first year of your puppy’s life.

The second part of the program is unlimited access to puppy socials throughout the first year of your puppy’s life.  These socials are held about twice a month in different locations. This allows your puppy to be exposed to many different people, dogs, objects, sounds, textures, smells and environments.  This helps to raise a more confident puppy.  These socials also provide an opportunity to learn and practice skills, while out in the real world.  These socials are more than puppies getting together to play.  They are a continuation of learning new skills for both you and your puppy.

Package includes:

– Initial Assessment Meeting: (1.5 hours)
:: Assess dog’s behavior
:: Assess owner’s behavior
:: Education about dog needs and language
:: Build a plan to address problematic behavior

– Solutions and Practice Meeting: (Two meetings, 1 hour each)
:: Put plan into action
:: Practice new skills
:: Build your relationship with your dog.
:: Earn your dog’s trust and respect.

– Continued Support Phone/Video Calls: (Two calls)
:: Should you have any questions or issues that arise after training has ended, call me for continued support.

– Dog Walking Tool

Package Price: $600

Puppy Socials: $25 each