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Thank YOU! We are over the moon about our experience this morning! Wookie, renamed Ziva, is snoring away in her crate! Was easy to get her to go back in! She’s in there now for a couple hours and then we’ll go practice our walking skills again! You ROCK!

Diane Averette

We saw instant progress in the hyperactivity of our dog after Melissa’s visit! We learned to read our dog’s body language and balance both discipline, rules, and affection. We continue to use the skills she taught us, and we are thrilled with our dog’s progression! Melissa is both professional and personable and genuinely cares about the needs of her clients. I would highly recommend her services to strengthen your relationship with your dog and address any behavioral issues your dog may have!

Margaret Morrissey


Melissa has an amazing gift when it comes to dog training. We have two dogs that were abused strays that we brought back from Okinawa, Japan. In under an hour Melissa was able to teach these very shy dogs to run along on leashes as I rode my bike. Never would have thought that would have been a possibility. Simply amazing.

Exit and Bree Smith


Melissa Peterson has assisted Cauzican Care Animal Rescue on multiple occasions. She’s calm, patient and has an easy-going style. Both dogs and fosters benefit from her instruction and guidance. She’s been able to determine the needs of our foster dogs after only a visit or two and provides us with an easy to follow treatment plan to address any dog or people issues.

Melissa has assisted the Rescue with everything from fairly minor obedience and manners issues to more serious behavioral problems. We highly recommend Melissa to adopters who ask us for recommendations with issues they are having.

Melissa has also assisted me with one of my personal dogs, a former foster that no one wanted because of his anxiety issues and extremely loud bark. He also didn’t show well at adoption events so I just kept him. He’s happy at my house and we love him. Melissa assisted him in getting over his travel anxiety and made riding in the car with him a much better experience. She was the third trainer I had taken him to. When I saw the progress she made with the foster dogs I decided to give her a try with my pup too. I’m glad I did – I was at the point of just living with his issues!

I highly recommend Melissa Peterson if you’re having any kind of problem with your dog!

Isabell Parker
Foster coordinator, Cauzican Care Animal Rescue


Melissa has been helping Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) with foster dogs exhibiting behavior issues, and, in some cases, severe behavior issues. LCHS cannot put these types of dogs up for adoption until their behavior issues have been resolved. Melissa has been gracious enough to work with these dogs to resolve the issues. Many times, she has done follow up visits after the dogs were adopted to ensure a smooth transition and offer support to the adopters. Melissa has given me hope in dogs I questioned were adoptable. Melissa has also worked with us to develop Foster Support Meetings for our fosters caring for the dogs in our adoption system. These meetings are designed to provide fosters with training tips and answer any behavior questions they may have concerning their current foster dogs. Melissa has been invaluable to us.

Amy Raddar Foster Coordinator
Leon County Humane Society


We have a very lovable but strong-willed 1 year, 5 month old miniature schnauzer named Tina that developed an incessant nuisance barking problem. We contacted Melissa and we believe she correctly diagnosed the root cause of Tina’s behaviors on the first visit. We were able to fix the barking problem after 3 in-home sessions. We are happy to report that the problem barking has not returned even though it has been nearly 3 months since our last session. Our home is much happier now that Tina is on course to be a model citizen. We highly recommend Melissa!

Gene Nelson


Tucker is a new dog

We thought we had broken our dog. He met every visitor to our home with barking and jumping. He would growl if anyone approached my wife. I was skeptical of a dog behaviorist and thought this would be a waste of time. Melissa walked in our door and it was like Tucker knew Melissa was in charge. After one session we learned how to be proper pack leaders. Melissa gave us simple easy to follow instructions. Tucker immediately responded well to a good deal of the instruction. Our follow up sessions were equally productive and Tucker is now a calm respectful companion. If you follow Melissa’s instructions and do your doggy homework you will be amazed with your “new” dog.

Bill and Melinda

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